Studien zur Geschichte Griechenlands und Zyperns
Herausgegeben von Heinz A. Richter

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Heinz A. Richter, Operation Mercury - The Occupation of the Island of Crete in May 1941
ca. 400 pages, 80 photos, 22 maps, 1 folded map, hard cover, 45 Euro, March 2020;
ISBN 978-3-447-11323-6 online bestellen

This study is the English edition of Peleus 54,which was published in 2011 in German and in the same year in Greek. As they were not taken notice of by the English speaking world I decided to re-publish it in English and add new elements and new insights. The postscriptum chapter describes the events which followed after the publication of the two other versions.


Historical Background
From Marita to Mercury
Operation Mercury 20 May
Operation Mercury 21 May
Operation Mercury 23 - 25 May
Operation Mercury 26 - 28 May
Operation Mercury 29 May - 1 June
Aftershock and Consequences Summer 1941
The Begin of Partisan Warfare
Critique, Evaluation & Conclusion
The Epilogues
ULTRA Signals
Student's Selfcriticism
Organisation Charts
Index of Names