Studien zur Geschichte Griechenlands und Zypern
Herausgegeben von Heinz A. Richter

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Heinz A. Richter, Modern Greek Myths
ca. 120 pages, hard cover, 19,80 Euro, Spring 2019; ISBN 978-3-447-11165-2 online bestellen

Mythos is “what never happened and always is”, so the Neo-Platonist Salustios.

Everybody knows that the ancient history of Greece is full of myths and legends. But is this true for the new history of Greece also or even in its contemporary history? This study proves that also the history of Greece in the 20th century is full of myths and legends and those presented in this book are a small selection....


The Six-Weeks-Myth
The Famine in Winter 1941/42
The War-Criminal Max Merten
The Communist Revolution in December 1944
The Occupation Loan
Index of Names