Studien zur Geschichte Griechenlands und Zyperns
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Emanuel Turczynski, Social and Cultural History of Greece in the 19th Century
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This study deals with the history of Greece in the 19th century
It is the English translation of Peleus 16: "Sozial und Kulturgeschichte Griechenlands im 19. Jahrhundert"


I. Introduction
II. The Turn to Europe: Diaspora Communities and the Educated Class
III. From Restricted Self-Government to New Freedom
IV. Syntheses of Greek-avarian Development Policy
V. West-East Tensions and the Consequences of an Outmoded bsolutism
VI. Beginnings of Parliamentarism
VII. Despite Socio-Cultural Progress, a Political-Dynastic Change
VIII. With New Perspectives to Old Aims
IX. The First Olympic Games' Departure for Cultural-National High Flying and the Fall into the Military Catastrophe of 1897
Index of names