Studien zur Geschichte Griechenlands und Zyperns
Herausgegeben von Heinz A. Richter

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Heinz A. Richter, History of the Island of Cyprus 1965-1977. 2 Volumes
ca. 800 pages, 8 illustrations blocks with 8 pages, 7 maps of Cyprus, hard cover, 80 Euro
ISBN 978-3-447-11734-0
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This study deals with the History of Cyprus from 1965 to 1977
It is the English translation of Peleus 37

As this study is more than 800 pages long, we decided to publish it in two volumes


1965-1970 Years of Instability
1970-1974 On the Road to the Catastrophe EOKA B
1974 Coup - Invasion and Partition
1974-1977 On the way to stagnation
Index of Names