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Herausgegeben von Heinz A. Richter

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Heinz A. Richter, The Turkish Straits in international Politics 1900-1917
270 pages, 71 photos, 11 maps, hard cover, 40 Euro
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English edition of Peleus 80

This study deals with the Turkish Straits before and during World War I


From the Berlin Congress of 1878 to the Turn of the Century
English-Russian Relations 1905 - 1907
The Crises 1907-1913
The Developmant to the War
Turkey's Enrty into the War
The Straits at the Beginning of the War October 1914 - March 1915
The Attempt to force the Straits in March 1915
Gallipoli: Preparations March - April 1915
Gallipoli: First Operations April - May 1915
Gallipoli: Further Operations May - July 1915
Gallipoli: The August Offensives and the Decision to withdraw
Russian Plans for the Administration of Constantinople
Greece and the Straits January 1915 - October 1917
Gallipoli: The Evacuation December 1915 - January 1916
Further Negotiations 1915-1916
The Provosional Government and the Straits Question
Annex: The Montreux Convention
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