Studien zur Geschichte Griechenlands und Zyperns
Herausgegeben von Heinz A. Richter

Band 103-2

Heinz A. Richter, History of Greece in the 20th Century Volume 2 1939-2004
444 Seiten, 11 Maps, hard cover, 49 Euro, ISBN 978-3-447-11539-1 online bestellen

This study is the continuation of Peleus 67,1 History of Greece in the 20th Century Volume 1, 1900-1939

At the same time it is a detailed prehistory of the crisis in 2010.


The Greek-Italian War 1940-1941
The British Intervention
The Operation Marita
The Operation Mercury
The Time of the Occupation 1941-1944
The British Intervention in December 1944
The Counterrevolution February 1945 - March 1946
The Civil War 1946 -1949
The Time of ‘Normality’ 1949-1963
Greece 1963-1967: The Permanent Crisis
Greece 1967 - 1973: The Papadopoulos Dictatorship
Greece 1973-1974: The Ioannidis Dictatorship
Greece after 1974
Index of Names