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Herbert Hoffmann, Divergent Archaeology

(2007) 304 pages, ISBN 978-3-938646-12-0 48 € online bestellen

The aim of this book is to demonstrate that the social-anthropological approach is very relevant to our understanding of the material evidence from the ancient world, and in particular to the study of Greek art. The sixteen essays selected cover a wide range of subjects: from the function of Greek painted vases to satyr sexuality, from kouroi and korai to Presocratic philosophy.

Herbert Hoffmann was born in 1930. After taking his Ph.D in history of art and classical archaeology at Harvard he went on to study social archaeology at Oxford and Cambridge. A former editor of Hephaistos, he has written widely on ancient art and archaeology, including Ten Centuries that shaped the West (Zabern 1970) and The pioneering monograph Sotades (OUP 1997).